The world famous wild life sanctuary is 19 KM away and provides many fascinating spots for the wild life lovers, as well as for those who are interested in art and archaeology. The Sariska Tiger Reserve is one of the few forested areas in the Aravalli hills and has a good population of Sambhar, Panther, Chinkara, Chital wild boar, Tiger, Nilgai and of birds including Parakeets, Storks, Pheasant, Oriels, Eagles, Owls and plenty of the National bird peacock! Besides wildlife, the sanctuary has several interesting spots like the Pandupol, the Nilkanth Mahadeo, the ruins of Bhangarh and an ancient fort Kankwari on a sharp hill top, where the emperor Aurangzeb is believed to have imprisoned his brother Darashikoh.

Alwar- once known to be the gateway of the Rajputana, and a visit to the historical city means going back into time. Alwar has been amongst the oldest cities in Rajasthan and its pre historic as well as historic existence is an archaeological delight. The presence of the Aravallis also provides Alwar with a lot of picturesque locations- deep valleys and a forest cover (Sariska) which is a habitat to several species birds and animals. Alwar was once a part of the kingdom of Matasya- and is believed to be one of the oldest kingdoms of the state. It was here in the city of Virat Nagar, the court of king Virat where the mighty Pandavas (the heroes of the great Indian epic 'Mahabharata’) spent the last 13 years of exile. There are monuments named after the ‘Pandavas’ which still exist around Sariska. There are a lot of places to see and enjoy in and around Alwar which include ancient temples, medieval forts, palaces and gardens.

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